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New Referee Certification Class
Leo Mullen Sports Park, 951 Via Cantebria 

Encinitas Express is asking all interested parties who will be 12 or older by September 1 to become a referee! Referees are paid up to $36 an hour; excellent money for the younger refs and more than acceptable for adults. We can especially use adult referees (it’s a great family activity when parents and kids ref together.)


A convenient on-line training course has replaced the previous two-day, classroom session. That means that the training can be broken out into manageable chunks (18 total modules) and the student is tested until they know the rules. Once the on-line portion is completed, the student moves on to a four-hour field training (that’s the portion that we are hosting.)

We are hosting a REFEREE FIELD TRAINING at Leo Mullen Field on Sunday, July 15 starting at 8:00 AM (should be done by 1:00 PM.) Please complete the on-line modules by July 1. There is a $55 fee paid to U.S. Soccer for the training (this is an annual licensing fee.) Those getting certified at the July 15 session will be licensed through 2019. Uniforms and other necessary equipment (a watch, flags, etc.) will cost about $65-$85 (you can find lots of ref gear on Ebay – do note that the referee uniform is changing. 2017 is a transitional year. The older shirts and socks can be worn this year, but the new style will be mandatory in 2018). For more on refereeing, please scroll to the end of this email.

  • Step 1: Go to the and register. If you don’t know your Cal South login (which is going to be true for most of you), contact and we’ll look it up for you (put REFEREE LOGIN in the subject line – we’ll need your full name and birthdate.) If you’ve never been associated with a local soccer program, click on ‘create account’. Sometimes, we have only one parent listed. A ‘missing’ parent can use the ‘create account’ link.
  • Step 2: Parents will find all the associated members of the family listed. Choose the people to register (you can choose multiple candidates if you make this a family project – remember, it’s fun.)
  • Step 3: Click the REFEREE box and select GRADE 8 and NEW in the Status field. Scroll down and choose "SAVE".
  • Step 4: Check the Accept Box for the two ELA statements. Scroll down and click "agree & continue".
  • Step 5: Pay for the class. You will need a debit or credit card. After payment, you will be directed to take the GRADE 8 referee modules.
  • Step 6: Register for the JULY 14 field training (or another field training that would be more convenient.) Find the course by choosing NEW REFEREE ENTRY COURSE under "Event Type" drop down box and then clicking the SEARCH button.
  • Step 7: Click on the ENCINITAS JULY 14 class. Scroll down and click on REGISTER (sign up early – don’t wait to complete the on-line modules.) You will need your Cal South User Name and Password to register for the field training.
  • STEP 8: Once you have completed the field class (and before you have been mailed your GRADE 8 badge), please visit the San Diego County Soccer Referees Association website and JOIN their association. They assign all of our games (as well as Cardiff competitive and Attack games.) Email our assignor, Chris White, once you have joined the association.


  • There is an annual $55 fee.
  • A referee should have at least two shirt colors (yellow and green are good starting colors – check with assignor Chris White for recommendations). There are packages available that will include flags, yellow and red cards, and game slips.
  • A digital watch with a ‘count down’ function is necessary. They are available at Target or Dick’s for about $25.
  • A good (pea-less) whistle is needed (a Fox 40 for example).
  • Shoes should be black and comfortable. Skate shoes are NOT a good option, nor are cleats.
  • Shy, reserved children tend to do poorly.
  • Competitive playing experience is NOT necessary.
  • Tournaments are the best way for new referees, regardless of age, to get accustomed to refereeing. SDCSRA assigns multiple tournaments during the summer (spring and winter, too.) Take advantage of the tournaments to get experience. The new referee is assigned to a crew of three referees, two of whom will have refereed previously. The newly-badged ref will act as an assistant referee and learn how to be part of a referee team, how to check in teams, how to manage games, etc.
  • Buy used gear on Ebay for referees that are still growing. Invest in good gear (Official Sports brand, for instance) only when they stop growing and/or are officiating a lot of games. Or visit Score Sports for reasonable packages.

Encinitas Express uses the San Diego County Soccer Referees Association ( to assign our games and our referees are members of that association.   Our assignor is Chris White.  If you are a certified referee, please visit their website to join.

To join the association, you must be currently licensed to referee by USSF.  Encinitas Express sponsors one referee certification/recertification class annually in the spring.  Classes in other locations are available most weekends during the spring and summer.  A complete list of classes can be found at Choose the "referees" tab and search for classes and clinics.

We want our sidelines to be the BEST BEHAVED and MOST POSITIVE in all of San Diego.  That means that the parents make positive comments to the players ("Good idea!", "Go Blue", "Unlucky", etc.) as opposed to either coaching their kids or complaining about calls to the referees.  Please enjoy the game and respect our players, coaches and referees.


Rick Lochner

Referee Coordinator