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Competitive Player-Parent Agreement

Encinitas Express Mission Statement:
Encinitas Express is committed to being a high quality, community-based soccer club that supports the development of players of all ages and abilities to their maximum potential by focusing on “total” player growth.  Our dedicated and experienced coaching staff partners with our parent community to provide the positive environment needed to promote the development of soccer skills and ability, self-esteem, strong character and love for the game.

We all play a part in creating the atmosphere necessary to deliver on this mission.  Below is what we expect of the club, players and parents. 


  • Training:  Encinitas Express Soccer will use a systematic approach to soccer development that consists of age appropriate curriculum, specific and proper volume of training, and a high level of competition in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Coaching:  Encinitas Express will provide qualified professional coaches to all competitive teams.  The coaching leadership will determine all coaching assignments and can make changes due to unforeseen circumstances.  Express coaches will conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner with all parents and players. 
  • Facilities:  Encinitas Express will provide safe fields and all necessary equipment for the development of our players. 


  • Respect your coach.  Communicate and behave in a courteous manner at all times.
  • Respect your team.  Never do anything on or off the field to embarrass or disrespect your teammates.  Behave in a way that makes your teammates, coach and family proud. 
  • Respect game officials.  Officials are integral guides to fairness in the game.  Respect officials at all times, even when you disagree with their call. 
  • Respect opponents.  A worthy opponent is a gift.  A worthy opponent challenges us and brings out our best. Worthy opponents elevate our level of play.  
  • Respect the rules.  Play the game the way it is supposed to be played.  Refuse to bend the rules, even when you can get away with it.   
  • Respect equipment and fields.  Please treat equipment and fields as if they were your personal property.  
  • Be on time and ready to play at all practices and games!


  • Set an example.  Please honor the game as described in the “Player” section. 
  • Be a fan, not a coach.  Please let the coach do the coaching. 
  • Be positive.  Use positive and encouraging language with your player, their teammates, and coaches. 
  • Reward effort.  Don’t dwell on results or mistakes; focus on the effort in order to cultivate a teachable spirit in our players. 
  • Be on time.  Secure transportation arrangements to and from practice and games so your player can arrive on time. 
  • Practice the 48-Hour Rule.  If you have a concern and need to speak to the coach about an issue, please allow 48 hours before contact.  NEVER address your issues during a game or after its conclusion.  
  • Be responsible.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at fields and at public Express events.

In the unlikely occurrence of any disagreement or conflict, please follow this process:

  1. Discuss the problem with your coach (using the 48-Hour Rule outlined in the “Parent” section of this agreement.) 
  2. If the disagreement cannot be resolved with your coach, please communicate your concerns to the appropriate Age Group Director (Phil Shuttleworth, 2008-2014 teams or Andy Hargreaves, 2007-2002 teams.) 
  3. If there still is a problem, you may consult with the Vice President of Competitive (Brad Silcox.) 

Each player registered to the club assume a two-part financial obligation: 1) Payment of Club Registration Fees and 2) Payment of Team Account Fees

1) Club registration fees include Cal South Registration fees, insurance, coaching salaries, facility fees, league registration and referee fees, and other costs as determined by the Board of Directors. 

2) Team account fees include team entry fees to various tournaments as determined by the team’s coach and the Age Group Director and coach’s travel reimbursement costs.

Tournament payment policy is “play as a team, pay as a team." Once committed to the team, each player (and family) is required to pay one fair share of the entry fee and coach’s expenses, whether they attend that particular tournament or not. Families are also responsible for their own out of town expenses. Generally, borrowed players aren’t charged for tournament entry fees or coach’s expenses. 

As part of your child’s participation with Encinitas Express, s/he may have the opportunity to be quoted, interviewed, and/or photographed for publication purposes. Publication includes, but is not limited to, Encinitas Express’s website and newsletter, Goal Nation or Soccer Nation, and any other soccer affiliated company/program that the Encinitas Express Board of Directors deems appropriate. When a quote or photograph is placed on a web page, individuals with internet access around the world will be able to view your child’s statement or photo. Articles and photographs will be edited and approved by an Encinitas Express Board member or staff member before publication.

-Published documents may not include a child’s phone number, address, or names of other family members;
-Documents may not include any information that indicates the physical location of a player at a given time;
-Documents may not contain objectionable material or point directly to objectionable material.