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E3 Elite Team Program

e3 Overview:

The e3 program is designed to provide a comprehensive training environment for serious players to prepare for their next steps in soccer. The goal of e3 is to provide a pathway for players who want to develop in a demanding yet positive and supportive environment.

The following are the e3 program’s guiding principles:

  • Expand Your Skills – technical, tactical, physical and mental 
  • Elevate Your Game – teamwork, sportsmanship, character 
  • Excel On and Off the Field 

Key Components of e3

• Dedicated and quality coaches committed to development first

• Increased frequency of training – e3 teams will have three field training sessions per week

•Speed/Strength training twice per week with certified fitness instructors

• Branded “e3” team gear

• Participation in highly competitive leagues/brackets as well as”elite-level” tournaments in the pre- and post-season – e3 teams play in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) and National Premier League (NPL)

• Pre-season goal setting and post-season player evaluations

• Specialized training clinics and camps

• Guest coaching sessions with college and professional coaches/players

• College Support Program

• Access to Express's International Travel Program

“The e3 program is for teams that are ambitious and show the dedication and drive needed to be successful in a demanding training environment.”


e3 Programs

Encinitas Express  e3 offers additional programs throughout the year.

  • Hudl - for e3 teams 2021-2022
  • College ID/Recruitment Program 2021/2022- coming soon!
  • Strength & Agility Training - all e3 teams
  • Mindset Accelerator (girls spring pilot e3 07,08,09 teams) 2021-2022


In 2020, Encinitas Express introduced E3, a comprehensive training program designed for those who want to take their game to the next level and become highly competitive soccer players. The program is for players who want to develop all aspects of their game, in a demanding, yet positive and supportive environment. The E3 guiding principles are to Expand your skills, Elevate your game, and Excel on and off the field. This includes a club commitment to developing leadership and mental toughness. To that end, Encinitas Express is proud to announce a partnership with the Anna O'Coaching Team, a mental well-being and performance coaching company. 

“Training the whole athlete is our goal.  Training the mental well-being and the mental toughness of an athlete is the missing piece to optimal performance on and off the field. We’re excited to provide the Encinitas Express girls with the tools, resources, and support it takes to build an Empowered Mindset to perform their best,” said Anna O’Connor. 

Anna O'Connor is the Founder of Anna O”Coaching, co-founder of Brain Savvy 

Training, a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and trained in Emotional Brain Training. Anna O’Coaching is an independent consulting and people development company that serves athletes, teams, and organizations. Anna is the Mental Health and Performance Coach for the University of Maryland Men's Lacrosse Team. She coaches athletes from the high school to the collegiate to the professional level up and down the East Coast. Anna provides coaching certification in the Brain Savvy Coaching Process and mentoring for her certified coaches. Anna also developed the Brain Savvy app, which provides tools to improve physical health, control stress and improve overall wellbeing. She has conducted trainings for high school and collegiate coaching staffs and associations, the Wounded Warriors and NASA. She has spoken for clubs, schools, and specifically the Intercollegiate Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Association. 

Pamela Kalinoski is a current E3 coach who brings with her a wealth of experience and personal understanding of the athlete's mind. She walked on to the storied women's soccer team at University of North Carolina and ended her collegiate career undefeated in four years, was team captain her senior year, won four NCAA Division I National Championships, and was MVP of her senior National Championship Game. Pamela has over 10 years of Division-I coaching experience, both as a head coach and an assistant coach. After coaching, she earned a Master's degree in Counseling at the University of San Francisco and completed 3,000 hours of hours as a Marriage and Family Therapist. 

She was trained and certified by Anna O’Connor who is co-creator of Brain Savvy Coaching. Pamela brings a rare and invaluable combination of athletic experience, coaching and counseling which makes her uniquely suited to focus on the person as much as the player. Her coaching is centered on support, trust and respect for each player in her charge. 

With over 30 years combined experience in coaching, training, and mentoring young people, O'Connor and Kalinoski are dedicated to helping young athletes discover their individual gifts, fostering confidence, self-empowerment, and camaraderie. 

"Our company uses an integrated approach to performance and mental wellbeing. We bring clinical expertise, a background in education, certification in professional life coaching, our own Neuroscience based coaching system, and above all, a heart to serve,” added O’Connor.

To celebrate our new partnership, Encinitas Express is launching the Mindset Accelerator Pilot Program for the 2009-2007 girls' teams for the 2021 season. We plan to expand the E3 model by adding a dedication to Expand, Equip, and Empower the athletes.  Merging the two programs, enables us to Elevate the players in their pursuit of becoming the best athletes and people they can be. The Mindset Accelerator Program will deliver information in small, easily-digested chunks over the course of the training. The athletes will learn skills based on brain research to control anxiety, promote resilience, and instill confidence. 

"We believe that these three qualities are the key to becoming a leader that makes a positive impact on everyone they meet, in all aspects of their life,” said Pamela Kalinoski.

Encinitas Express is excited to offer the Mindset Accelerator Program and introduce the "Tri-Fecta" approach, which includes - the athlete, parent, and coach, to make sure the athlete is getting the proper care, instruction, and support they need.  

Kalinoski added, “We believe in building relationships with everyone we work with, and that’s why we will be connecting with the players, coaches and parents consistently throughout the year.  This will also help the athletes to retain what they learn.”   

“The Mindset Accelerator Pilot Program offers key components to accelerating individual performance, team cohesiveness and leadership skills that can benefit the players on and off the field.  This program encompasses short term gains along with life long benefits for the members of our club,” said Encinitas Express Director, Andy Hargreaves 


Andy Hargreaves

Director of Older Teams / e3 Program