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Elite Program

Elite Program Overview

Express Soccer Club's Elite program advances our most promising and committed youth players and teams to compete at the highest level. In a demanding environment, players are challenged to progress through an age appropriate curriculum that provides expert instruction in all components of the game.


All Elite players are developed to demonstrate confidence on the ball and to master advanced techniques, producing creative and innovative players that can express themselves with skill in all areas of the pitch.


Position-specific training for all roles in the team produce teams that possess tactical flexibility and a deep understanding in players of their tactical responsibilities, collectively and individually in all three phases of play. Our use of video analysis is key to installing this superior understanding of all tactical aspects of the game. 


An Elite level of play requires Elite levels of physical performance. All of our Elite players are challenged to achieve the very highest levels of physical performance. Measuring performance in key agility, endurance and strength tests produces quantitative data that is used to improve the physical performance of our players and minimize risk of injury.


Creating resilience, mental toughness and highly motivated learners is key to the success of our Elite program and a major consideration in our recruitment and development of our players. 


The Elite culture of our teams is driven by a tangible togetherness in our program. All of our players are selected and nurtured to create a culture in which all players and coaches are invested in our mutual success. An innovative and collaborative approach by our coaching staff ensures a challenging but fun environment that ensures our players thrive through their love and enjoyment of the game.


We utilize Elite Coaching Plans for our Elite head coaches and Elite Player Performance Plans for all of our players. These tools are key to the developmental progress and success of our teams. The ECP’s and EPPP’s are tailored to the specific developmental needs of each age group and the individual player. They provide a structure and pathway that ensures their sustained development through a Plan, Review and Do approach to long term development. 

Alongside Jim Townhill, our Elite trainer and in collaboration with our Elite coaches, Elite Program Coordinator Martyn Hansford works weekly in a third practice session with all our Elite teams. Together, they deliver expert insight and instruction in Physical Performance Training, Position-Specific Training, 11v11 coached practice games, Set Piece Training, Finishing, Video Analysis, Futsal and Advanced technical sessions.  

We aim to produce teams to compete at the highest level, attracting interest from College coaches for our older players. We are proud of the progress we are making and especially that all of our players, parents and coaches know that we are truly invested in their  progress and success. Our motto is Love the Ball, Love the Game!

Key Components of Elite

• Dedicated and quality coaches committed to development first

• Increased frequency of training

•Physical performance training and physical performance testing

• Branded “Elite” team gear

• Participation in highly competitive leagues/brackets as well as”elite-level” tournaments in the pre- and post-season – Elite teams play in the SOCAL and National Premier League (NPL)

• Pre-season goal setting and post-season player evaluations

• Specialized training clinics and camps

• Guest coaching sessions with college and professional coaches/players

• College Support Program

• Access to Express's International Travel Program

“The Elite program is for teams that are ambitious and show the dedication and drive needed to be successful in a demanding training environment.”


Elite Programs

Express Elite offers additional programs throughout the year.

  • Veo video analysis of games and practices
  • College ID/Recruitment Program
  • Strength & Agility Training

About Martyn Hansford

With over 20 years of coaching club and high school soccer, Martyn Hansford has helped develop hundreds of youth players of all ages. Scores have gone on to compete at all levels of college soccer, played at the professional level including a current US Women's national player.  He has been privileged to work alongside some exceptional coaches and develop his approach to youth development in excellent programs. He considers himself a lifelong learner and an avid student of the game.

Drawing on his experiences and studying the very best youth programs in Europe, he is excited to lead the new Express Soccer Club Elite program. 

Martyn Hansford

Elite Program Coordinator