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Welcome to the Encinitas Express Recreational Soccer Program!  We annually serve over 1200 children in the Encinitas area. We emphasize fun, skill building and sportsmanship. All children play at least 50% of the time during the season and the teams are organized with a goal of enabling younger children to play with kids from their same school or neighborhood.  Rec soccer is parent and volunteer-driven.  We need parents to coach and sponsor the teams.  Without volunteer coaches, the league cannot function.

Encinitas Express offers a FALL PROGRAM of 10 to 11 games. The season begins the weekend after Labor Day. All players receive a uniform (jersey, shorts, socks.) Registration begins in March, with discounted walk-in registration events and continues via mail thru the spring and summer. Registration officially concludes May 31, but late registrations are accepted up until the start of the season. We can place everyone as long as we have enough volunteers and sufficient players to fill a roster. Over the years, 95% of late registrants (after May 31) have been rostered. Again, the engine that drives the program is VOLUNTEER COACHES. Please VOLUNTEER to coach, especially if coming in after May 31.

U.S. Soccer began using ‘calendar year’ to determine age and eligibility in 2016, but our rec program returned to building teams on a grade-level basis in 2017 while retaining the four new playing formats.  Micro soccer (grades pre-K thru 1st) play 4 v 4 without a goalie.  Our minimum birth date for the 2018 micro soccer season is 9/1/2013, though exceptions may be made (especially if you are coaching the group.) Division 6 (2nd grade) and Division 5 (3rd and 4th graders) play 7 v 7 with a goalie. The 5th and 6th graders play 9 v 9, with regulation 11 v 11 soccer beginning at middle school. The smaller sided games give each player more touches on the ball and 'touches on the ball' is how they improve.

Division Play is based on FALL 2020 grade level except in Division 1 and 2. The High School divisions (Divisions 1 and 2) will use the Calendar Year format.