Encinitas Express soccer club prides itself on being a strong Community Club that serves the residents of the five distinct Encinitas communities as well as the neighboring community of South Carlsbad (whose elementary students attend Encinitas Union School District schools).

Our goal is to develop the full player, both on and off the soccer field.  We are a Positive Coaching Alliance club with the double-goal of competing to win while, more importantly, learning valuable life lessons thru sport.

We remain committed to our community in a number of ways.  By participating in this tournament, you are helping us affirm that commitment.    Check out the links below to learn about things to do in the wonderful city of Encinitas and about our soccer scholarships for economically disadvantaged members of our community that a portion of the proceeds from the tournament will benefit.

Things to Do

Poinsettias at Ecke Ranch, Encinitas

The poinsettia capital of the world, Encinitas offers something for everyone.  From the beautiful beaches to the vibrant downtown, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy between games or after the final whistle.  Moonlight Beach is the city's most popular beach and the San Diego Botanic Garden (formerly known as the Quail Botanical Gardens) is just over 2 miles from Encinitas Community Park, where many of the games will be played.

The city has several restaurants that are ideal for hosting a team lunch or dinner.  Or get to Moonlight early and reserve one of the first-come-first-serve fire pits for a memorable team event.

Soccer Scholarships


Proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Los Angelitos de Encinitas ("Little Angels") organization and its mission of helping the economically disadvantaged youth in the community.  Encinitas Express partners with Los Angelitos to provide financial aid scholarships for recreational soccer players.  By participating in our tournament, you are helping us increase the amount of financial aid scholarships that we can provide to the recreational soccer players in our community.   Los Angelitos can also use the proceeds as they determine, for example to support their swim instruction program, which is vitally important for members of our beach community.  Thank  you! 

About Our Logo

Designed by two San Dieguito Academy high school students, our logo contains imagery associated with our beautiful community.  Encinitas has long been considered the poinsettia capital of the world, and the two flowers at the base of our logo represent our city's heritage.  The iconic Highway 101 street sign that welcomes you to downtown is captured at the top of our logo, with a slight soccer twist.  Lastly, the beautiful ocean sunset is visible behind the trophy, the Encinitas Cup, for which our teams are competing.