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Congrats to our Winners!

PS4: Congrats to Tyler Fernandez from Coach Calin's Boys 2003 e3 team!  Way to go!

XBOX:  Congrats to Soren Groessl from Coach Mike's Boys 2005 e3 team!  Awesome!


Express is excited to host our very own FIFA 20 Online Soccer Tournament for our players!

Why FIFA 20?
While following the stay at home protocol, what better way to get our soccer fix than by playing it with our team and clubmates online?!  Gone are the days (albeit late 90s/early 2000s) of taking memory cards and wired controllers to friend's houses to play against each other; now the internet is home to those friendly rivalries! While we know that some of our players enjoy various other video games, our love and heart is in soccer...hence, the inaugural FIFA 20 Express Club Cup!

Where: AT HOME!
Players will be able to participate from the comfort of wherever their console is set up! You will need online service to play. 

Who: Express Players Only!
Registration is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.. so please sign up right away!

This tournament is open to players from 2010 age group and older.  You will be able to participate on either PS4 or XBOX One platforms using the "Online Friendlies" mode only.  (NO FUT Squads.) We have ONLY 64 Spaces open on each platform (64 PlayStation, 64 Xbox.) 

When: Round 1 starts Tuesday, May 26th!
To sign up, you must have a parent or guardian email Coach Matt Couchman at to request a single use sign up code for registration.

Once you have the code please click one of the following links:

PS4 -

XBOX One -

The tournament will be ran through the Battlefy website, a hosting site for many eSports around the world. We have a private page just for our players.

Registration opens today - Sunday, May 17 and will run until Sunday, May 24th at 9:00pm. Round 1 will be Tuesday, May 26th.

All rules and in-game specifics can be found on our tournament page here:

Winners from each platform will receive some Encinitas swag/goodie bag. 

All games are meant to be FUN and FRIENDLY! There may be some games where you get frustrated and there may be some games where you find it easy. Please show good sportsmanship and don’t rage quit (see rules.) Enjoy the game!


Games will be played each evening at 6:30pm. Next round will then be posted the following morning, same rules continue. 

Round 1 - 5/26/2020
Round 2 - 5/27/2020
Round 3 - 5/28/2020
Round 4 - 5/29/2020
Round 5 - 5/30/2020
FINAL - 5/31/2020


If you have any questions, please email Coach Matt Couchman at and he will be able to assist you.