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Encinitas Cup

ENCINITAS CUP 2023, Recreational Tournament

What a great weekend of soccer! Congratulations to all Finalists and Champions of our Encinitas Cup Recreational Tournament!



Express Soccer FB8 Grey PERKINS

Express Soccer SB1 White ABADIE

Express Soccer TB2 Navy CAMPANARO

Express Soccer 4B1 Red DEHMEL

Express Soccer FSB8 Grey HASTINGS

Express Soccer FG1 White BLUM

Express Soccer SG1 White ADAMS

Express Soccer TG7 Navy SHAPIRO

Express Soccer 4G4 Green SHAPIRO

Express Soccer FSG8 Grey LANE



Express Soccer FB1 White DUMONT

Express Soccer SB4 Yellow MCNAUGHTON

Express Soccer TB3 Royal WISEMAN

RSF Attack RSF REC BU10 - Schlatter/Queriapa

Express Soccer FSB2 Navy SUGARMAN

Express Soccer FG6 Green ARNOLD

Express Soccer SG BURKE

Express Soccer TG3 Green CALZADA

Express Soccer 4G3 Royal FOSTER

Express Soccer FSG1 White ARORA


Thank you to all of the coaches, volunteers, players, and families for helping us make this a fun and successful tournament!




Welcome to the 5th Encinitas Cup, presented by Express Soccer Club and Adidas, held on November 18-19, 2023, played on fields in beautiful Encinitas.

Registration is open to recreational teams from U7 (first grade) - U14 (eighth grade). We play the 23/24 season age. All teams are guaranteed three games minimum.

Fees are $450 for 7v7/9v9/11v11 age groups.



QUESTIONS? Please contact:

Brett Mills

Director of Program Development


A. Tournament rules shall be governed by: 
1. "Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA.  
B. Games
1. Games will consist of 2 halves as specified below. 
2. Referees will comply with FIFA rules and substitutions. Substitutions may be made at any stoppage (dead ball) only with the permission of the referee. 
3. Final games times (see the chart below). 
4. Quarter and Semi-Final games that are tied at the end of regulation play will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks. 
6. If the final game is tied at the end of regulation, play will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks. 
7. Running clock for all games. 
C. Players 
1. Only Recreational players shall be eligible to play in the Tournament. 
2. All players are required to wear shin guards during play. 
3. Referee will make the decision if a Player with casts is ineligible or will be allowed to play in the Tournament. 
4. No player may compete in the tournament on more than one team, even if that team is eliminated. 
D. General Requirements 
1. Coaches (including assistant coaches giving instructions) and substitute players shall remain within the area ten yards each side of the half line during the game. All other spectators will remain outside this area. 
2. The home team shall have choice of side and the visiting team shall have the kickoff. Teams shall be on opposite sides of the field. The home team shall provide a suitable game ball. 
3. The home team shall be responsible for changing to an alternate color jersey in the event of a conflict. 
F. Scoring, gaming, and playoffs 
1. Team Standings from Pool Play will be determined by a 10-point system: 
a. 6 points/win 
b. 3 points/tie 
c. 1 point/shut out, including 0-0 ties 
d. 1 point/goal (maximum 3 goals/game) 
e. 0 points/loss 
f. Minus 1 point/red card issued to player or coach 
g. Forfeit = 1 - 0 
2. Ties in Standings from Pool Play will be resolved as follows: Tie breakers are as follow, a) Head-to-head b) Goals against c) Goals for d) Goal differential e) Penalty kicks
G. Conduct and Disciplinary Actions 
1. Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and fans on their sidelines. Players, coaches, parents, and fans shall conduct themselves in a proper and respectful manner. Anyone smoking, using alcohol or drugs, yelling profanities, or conducting themselves in a manner which the referee or the Field Marshal deems inappropriate or an interference with the players shall be asked to leave. The Field Marshals and referees shall have the final authority for the enforcement of this rule. Refusal to comply or repeated infractions may result in disqualification of the team. 
2. A coach who is ejected due to misconduct will be asked to leave the field immediately and will be required to sit out the next scheduled game and the team will receive a 1-point deduction. If there is no other team administrator to continue the game, the game will be recorded as a forfeit with the score of 1-0 awarded to the opponent. 
3. If a player receives a red card (ejected) during a game, he or she will have to sit out the next scheduled game. In case of violent conduct or serious foul play, The Tournament Committee will determine the severity of the suspension. 
H. Protests 
1. No protests will be accepted. The referee's decision is final. 
2. The referee's judgment regarding laws of the game, field condition, and players' equipment cannot be challenged, and his/her decision is final. 
I. Unexpected circumstances The Tournament Director will resolve any issues not covered under the above rules.  
J. Refunds & Cancellations 
1. Weather Rain or other weather conditions during the Tournament shall not delay play unless the referee deems the field unsafe. In the event of inclement weather or unsuitable field conditions, games may: be shortened, go to FIFA penalty kicks, or be canceled. There will be no refunds or reimbursements of tournament application fee for cancellation or forfeiture of any game.
2. For teams withdrawing from the tournament prior to the entry deadline of November 1, 2023, or teams not accepted into the tournament, a full refund will be made. NO REFUNDS will be issued after teams have been notified of their acceptance into the tournament. If the tournament is canceled for weather, Acts of God, or any other circumstances beyond our control, a percentage of the tournament fee will be refunded to the teams after tournament costs are covered. 
H. We do not provide tents or benches so please bring your own team tent and bench.