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2023 College Commitments

Soren Groessl

Congrats to Soren Groessl for his commitment to UC Santa Cruz! Soren plays for B04/05 Elite and will continue his education/soccer at University of California, Santa Cruz. Well done, Soren!

"I have played for Encinitas Express for 10 years and it is difficult to put into words how important the club is to me. During those 10 years, I always loved representing the club when I stepped onto the field. Throughout my childhood, the thing I looked forward to the most was to go play with my team. I made friendships that will last a lifetime, and the club made it possible for us to thrive and create an amazing bond as a team. We became a great team because of our connection on and off the field. The community at Encinitas Express stands out to me as an important factor in my soccer and personal development. My teammates and I were always proud to represent the club because of the endless support we received from parents and staff at Express. The club is full of amazing people who provided me with elite coaching and guidance throughout my playing career, and I credit my coaches at the Express for shaping me into the player and person I am today. I would also like to thank Express for creating the perfect environment for me to improve my skill set to make it to the next level of soccer. I was able to receive a high level of exposure due to the effort of my coach Mike Elenz-Martin and the recruitment staff at Express, and for that I am truly thankful. I would not be near where I am today without the coaches, trainers, staff, and community at the club. Thank you so much Encinitas Express!"

- Soren Groessl


"Soren is an indisputable special talent, a game changer in an instance with a stroke of genius from just about anywhere on the field. It was a pleasure to work with him the past 4 years. A highly skilled, cerebral, intelligent and hardworking player, although his vision and leadership are his best weapons as he leads by example and sees the game 2 steps further than anyone else on the pitch. Soren links up the team from the back to the front. He is a very talented finisher in and around the box. Several top class goals and assists. Soren entertains the crowds and gets you on your feet or the edge of your seat when he gets on the ball. I'm excited to see him grow and develop his game at the next level.

I have no doubt Soren will be a huge asset at UC Santa Cruz men's soccer team and will strive for excellence both on and off the field. On behalf of Express SC, we wish Soren all the best. Express will always be your home."

-B04/05 Express Elite Coach, Mike Elenz-Martin


Kira Konigsfeld-Mawer

Congratulations to Kira Konigsfeld-Mawer for her recent commitment to Webster University! Kira plays for our 04/05 Elite team and will continue her education/soccer at Webster University. Great Job, Kira!

"I have played with Express SC since I was 8 years old. My first early years with the club set a path for loving the game. The coaches I have had along the way consistently supported my development to get me where I am at today, being able to continue playing at  the collegiate level while getting my degree in Exercise Science at Webster University in Mo.  Many people ask why I stayed with one club for  9 years.  I chose to stay with the club because of the knowledgeable and supportive Express SC coaching staff that I moved through along the years, and the family environment the club has that allowed me to grow as a player and a person. My coaches have always gotten to know me very personally and supported me and my goals as an individual within a strong bonded team that had high level goals. They  pushed me to develop mentally and physically on the field and encouraged and guided  life lessons off the field to help shape who I am. The positive family environment of the club has allowed me to play with and form bonds with girls that I have always felt supported by, pushed to strive to be my best and challenged to grow with. I am grateful to say I will always consider them like family. Being a part of the Elite Player Program at Express SC, through coaching and training, I felt  encouraged and challenged to be my best. The college showcase opportunities with the Elite Program helped me to get exposure for college recruiting to get me where I am today and being able to continue the next phase of life continuing to do what I  love, playing soccer as a college student athlete. I'm thankful for the extreme soccer knowledge, my individual development and mostly the relationships and support of the many coaches at Express SC that I have gotten to play for. Thank you Express!!"

-Kira Konigsfeld-Mawer


“I am delighted that Kira’s hard work and dedication to the sport has paid off and she will be realizing her dream of playing collegiate soccer at Webster University. Kira will be an asset to their team and I have no doubt that she will thrive there, on and off the field.”

-G04/05 Express Elite Coach Martyn Hansford


Cameron Dhunjishaw

Congratulations to Cameron Dhunjishaw for his recent commitment to University of Saint Katherine! Cameron is a goalkeeper for our B04/05 Elite team and will continue his education/soccer at University of Saint Katherine . Well done, Cameron!

“When I hear people talk about Encinitas Express the first thing that comes to my mind is Family. I was a part of the Encinitas community for 5 years and through all of those years, the growth and playing level that I started at expanded greatly . During my time with the club, I formed life-long friendships and relationships with some very special people who pushed me to be where I am today. The Elite Player Program, formerly the e3 player plan, pushed me physically and mentally, making me a better player on and off the field while preparing me for college soccer as well as real life situations. The coaching staff I worked with through all 5 years were some of the most supportive and experienced soccer coaches I have ever worked with, while showing me strong guidance and teaching me to be a leader. I couldn’t be happier with the training and experience this club has given me. Thank you Express!”

-Cameron Dhunjishaw

“Cameron has a strong work ethic, commitment, and character. This gives me so much joy to see Cameron achieving his dream to play collegiate soccer. Cameron will make an immediate impact for St. Katherine's under Head Coach Brad Green. Cameron will excel both on the field and in the classroom. On behalf of Express SC we wish Cameron all the best. Express SC will always be your home.”

-B04/05 Express Elite Coach and College Liaison, Mike Elenz-Martin


Elijah Mineiro

Congratulations to Elijah Mineiro for his recent commitment to Biola University! Elijah is a goalkeeper for our B04/05 Elite team and will continue his education/soccer at Biola University. Well done, Elijah!

“My experience with Express SC, and my Coach Mike Elenz-Martin, has been great this past season, and I don't believe I would be in the position I am now without them. After I left my previous club team the season prior, I decided to try out for Express SC. Coach Mike and the boys on the B04/05 Elite team took me in on very short notice, and upon joining I immediately was brought into a team that had great comradery and a very strong bond. With the level of the team being so high, I was able to gain exposure to college recruiters through high level tournaments such as Surf Cup, Man City Cup, etc. Coach Mike has not only been a great coach for me and the team, but also was a valuable asset when it came to college recruiting. Mike’s connections directly brought me opportunities with a number of colleges, which helped give me a broad range of selections in my final decision on which college I would be attending in 2023. I'm extremely grateful for Mike’s help through organized college events that he and the club put on, such as the Express college nights and the Express college ID camp. These events helped us gain more exposure, and also cleared up any questions that the boys and I had about the tricky landscape that is college soccer recruiting. Express SC and Coach Mike have been great assets this past season, and I owe a great amount of credit, and gratitude towards them in regards to my recent commitment to play College soccer at Biola University.”

-Elijah Mineiro

“Elijah is an extremely technical, hardworking, and talented goalkeeper. I'm excited to watch him grow and develop at the collegiate level. Elijah will strive for excellence both in the classroom and on the soccer pitch. Congrats on achieving your dreams. On behalf of Express SC we wish Elijah all the best at Biola University.”

- B04/05 Express Elite Coach and College Liaison, Mike Elenz-Martin

GO elijah!